Peek: high-performance resin at the service of dental technicians
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Peek: high-performance resin at the service of dental technicians

The peek is a high-performance, biocompatible resin that guarantees high-quality dental prostheses. The material, worked using CAD/CAM technology, can be used to create Toronto bridges, structures on natural abutments and abutments over implants, bridges and crowns.

Proxera®, a milling center specialized in digital processing, puts at the service of customers a range of machines including printing plants 3D and milling machines. Together they are a perfect combination as they reduce costs, speed up production and eliminate human error normally associated with traditional methods.

Using CNC machines allows you to boast a wider choice of materials, not only ceramic metal or metal composite, but also temporary PMMA or definitive materials such as zirconia and peek.

Peek dental prostheses

Peek is a high-performance resin, partially crystalline and thermoplastic. It is a highly innovative material that is used in the aerospace and automotive sector, while in the medical sector it is used for the construction of surgical prostheses.

Features such as elasticity, stability, polishing and resistance to plaque make it a suitable material to come into contact with the oral cavity and are such as to guarantee prosthesis of great value.

Peek is a sturdy, lightweight material, which is distinguished by an elastic modulus capable of absorbing chewing loads and the ability to adhere perfectly to both acrylic resins and composites. These peculiarities make peek the ideal solution for implant prostheses such as Toronto bridge, structures on natural abutments and abutments over implants, bridges and crowns to be stratified made of composite.

Peek dental prostheses

Peek is insoluble in water and biocompatible. It is the ideal material for the manufacture of dental prostheses for all patients allergic to metals and, compared to other materials, is less traumatic for the remaining natural teeth.

The material adapts both to machining with the vacuum thermoforming process and milling using CAD/CAM technology. Peek has the advantage of being more compact than traditional resins that consist of liquid powders mixed together or light-cured composites.

The dental laboratory can collaborate with a milling center such as Proxera® for the production of its peek components, using the experience of our technicians in machining and deep knowledge of CNC machines.

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