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Semi-finished products for the dental sector

Proxera is the production company, it is the service able to comply with strict industrial processes to provide LASER MELTING and 5 AXES CNC MILLING with a secure repeatability of results.

  • Direct screw-retained
  • Screw-retained Implant Bridge and Toronto
  • Free digital libraries
  • Laser Melting Removable partial denture
  • 3D Printing
  • Orthodontic processing
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Proxera is constantly looking for new solutions to make the dental technician's workflow more efficient. Follow us on the main social networks to stay constantly updated on new proposals.

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Dental colleagues lent to manufacturing

CNC 5 Axis Industrial Milling Machine

Proxera is a manufacturing company that makes semi-finished products for the dental sector. It specializes in LASER MELTING and 5-AXIS CNC MILLING services based on strict industrial processes, allowing professionals to meet the clinician's needs, quickly and with greater repeatability of the results.

Proxera brings the efficiency and accuracy of industrial processes to the service of the dental industry.

Professional with the technical and artistic skills able to add value and uniqueness to every single product will always be in need. However, the craft is encountering a historical moment with computers alongside the worktable.

Digital professionals know and embrace the potential introduced by these new tools and integrate the service centers into their day-to-day work so that they can focus on the most value-added part of their work.

Lavorazione Zirconia
Rifinitura Laser Melting Dentale

Proxera comes into play when, after the digital design of the prosthesis, the technician has the need to make the physical product using LASER MELTING, CNC MILLING OF ZIRCONIA/NON METALS or CNC MILLING OF METALS technologies without being subject to the weight of fixed costs of machinery and specialized personnel

The professional will send the digital file of the project and this will be taken over by a DENTAL TECHNICIAN with specific training in digital manufacturing technologies and in boosting efficiency of production processes. It is not uncommon that there is a time of consulting between customer and production manager before machining.

The support is usually related to a better “machinability”, i.e. those precautions to be considered during the finishing phase of the digital project that can guarantee a better mechanical or esthetic result.

Proxera is focused on production.

Digital means evolution of processes and technologies, but also of material.
Working on many different cases allows the staff of Proxera to make available the experience gained also in choosing one certain material type over another.

Proxera is chosen both by the individual professional and the more structured centers, which can benefit from complete repeatability of results and maintenance of delivery times agreed, even in the case of high volumes.

Proxera was created as a specialist spin-off following the corporate structure's experience in the production of definitive and functional elements using the most advanced industrial 3D printing technologies. In particular, among these we find the DIRECT METAL LASER SINTERING technology, more simply known as LASER MELTING in the dental and medical field.

Immpianto Laser Melting Dentale

A digital production center is only such if it also provide milled semi-finished products

For this reason, LASER MELTING, both in Cobalt Chrome and Titanium, is the technology of choice for semi-finished products and, thanks to this, PROXERA produces BRIDGES, CROWNS, LINEAR BARS, BARS FOR ABUTMENTS AND TORONTO BARS and also REMOVABLE PARTIAL DENTURES.

A digital production center is only such if it also provides milled semi-finished products.
Proxera proposes the milling of bridges and crowns both in ZIRCONIA and in polymer materials such as PMMA, PEEK and HIPC. Since autumn 2019, the company is also able to make semi-finished milled products in Cobalt Chrome and Titanium with very high precision, to meet the requirements for precision of implant connections.

The range of available processes also includes 3D printing of resins or plastic powders: models for orthodontics, surgical guides, prosthetic models or resin specimens.

Lavorazione tecnica avvitata diretta
Scheletrato in Laser Melting

Proxera® is aimed at a clientele who wants to meet the challenges brought by the digital age to the dental sector, and we place ourselves as a link between the demands of the clinician and a rigid industrial die-cast production, able to guarantee high quality standards.