• Laser Melting

    Direct production of industrial efficiency with Laser Melting plants using Dentaurum's Remanium Star® CL Cobalt Chrome.

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  • Milling

    5 axis milling machining Zirconium, PEEK and Temporaries in PMMA

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Proxera® produces semi-finished products for dental laboratories
Proxera®is the company that brings the efficiency and accuracy of rigorous industrial processes to the service of dental technicians.

Proxera® is equipped with 5-axis milling machines that are used with the materials most widely used in the dental industry, such as Zirconium, PMMA, PEEK

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Among the technologies used for rapid prototyping for medical or dental purposes, Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS SLM) is the one that is best suited to the production of individual medical devices, both due to the esthetic quality of the final model and the excellent physical-mechanical characteristics

Proxera®: ready to respond to the great challenges of biomedical innovation

Additive Manufacturing “made in Emilia-Romagna” becomes the exclusive leader of an extremely sensitive sector, where innovation, quality and speed of response are key elements to ensure high quality of life for the patient.

ZARE, after joining the BEAMIT Group, acquired the majority of Proxera® shares and with this brand fully entered the market of 3D-printed complex metal surgical prosthetic solutions.


Dentistry is going through a moment of COMPLETE transformation.
The DIGITAL WORKFLOW is the tip of the iceberg of a REVOLUTION that has been affecting the industry for years.

The COMPLETE transformation is also affecting the services and is happening very quickly.
An organized structure such as the modern digital laboratory needs not only a colleague-to-colleague and a technician-to-technician relationship, but also a dental technician-to-dental technician one, between specialists in the production of semi-finished products

PROXERA was founded in 2017 as a SPIN-OFF of ZARE [ www.zare.it ] which is the Italian benchmark for INDUSTRIAL LASER MELTING productions and is active in the Formula 1, Aerospace and energy sectors, a real Factory Dedicated to Additive Manufacturing.

Proxera is the benchmark for manufacturing because it has had this mentality carved in its DNA even since before it came onto the market.


Crowns and bridges milled in Cobalt Chrome and Titanium

We chose to invest in industrial-class plants that allow us to respond to the growing demand from our customers for semi-finished products in milled Cobalt Chrome and Titanium.
We have formalized a precise production process to go in the direction approached by a sector developing towards the complexity typical of other areas.

Manufacturing means keeping up to date on techniques and technologies, and to do so it is necessary to devote yourself completely to this type of activity, leveraging it; because only with a 7-days-a-week manufacturing process can one plan investments, experiment with new pathways and discard, with greater ease, what does not bring value.

Milled crowns and bridges take advantage of a new industrial-class system (Röders RXP500DS) multipallets (24) designed to ensure the utmost precision.