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Proxera: the industrial dental milling center

The DIGITAL WORK FLOW is the tip of the iceberg of a REVOLUTION that has been affecting the industry for years.

Dentistry is going through a moment of COMPLETE transformation.
The DIGITAL WORK FLOW is the tip of the iceberg of a REVOLUTION that has been affecting the industry for years.

The COMPLETE transformation is also affecting the services and is happening very quickly.
An organized structure such as the modern digital laboratory needs not only a colleague-to-colleague and a technician-to-technician relationship, but also a dental technician-to-dental technician one, between specialists in the production of semi-finished products.

PROXERA PROXERA was founded in 2017 as a SPIN-OFF focused on the dental sector following the experience gained by the shareholders in INDUSTRIAL LASER MELTING productions for sectors such as Formula 1, aerospace and energy.

Proxera is the benchmark for manufacturing because it has had this mentality carved in its DNA even since before it came onto the market.

The production center


Röders RXP500DS 5-axis industrial plants equipped with a 24-pallet loader produce 7 days a week.

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Laser Melting

Proxera is the service that collaborates with laboratories that also choose the innovation of Dental Laser Melting.

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Direct screw-retained technique

Proxera has optimised the process for the production of individual elements and Toronto bars that can be screwed directly onto implants.

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The latest articles of our dental technicians

Manufacture of bars and Toronto bridges screwed onto implants

Proxera can make bars and Toronto bridges on implants for direct screw-retained and bonding techniques, and provide a large collection of free downloadable libraries. Each library has been carefully tested and associated with a specific machine path to guarantee a result of absolute precision, even for the most complicated implant connections.

Finished and polished partial dentures: a new process for guaranteed quality and repeatability

Proxera revolutionises the finishing and polishing process for partial dentures using a scalable, replicable solution that can be adapted to any production volume, for guaranteed quality and repeatability.

Premilled blanks: the custom abutment for every implant

Proxera provides efficient industrial Röders RXP500DS 5 axis machining centres equipped with a 24 pallet loader that operate continuously, 7 days a week, and it already has agreements in place with the majority of manufacturers, allowing it to receive premilled blanks for every implant connection with reduced delivery times.