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Custom prosthesis reinforcement bars and meshes

Bars and reinforcement meshes are useful solutions to reinforce prostheses, especially in resin, to reduce structural fragility.

The prosthesis reinforcement bar is a metal filament with restraint that the dental technician decides to insert when he/she realizes that the prosthesis may be prone to fragility and consequently crack or break. In such conditions, the professional can obtain a small internal recess to insert the bar and then re-apply the resin to finish the product.

Laser melting reinforcement bar

The prosthesis reinforcing mesh is more delicate and requires a design contextual to that of the prosthesis itself. For the dental technician it is necessary to study the reinforcement project beforehand so as to obtain a product for their customer that is perfectly compliant with the specifications required by the clinician.

Laser melting reinforcement mesh

The advantages of bars and reinforcement meshes produced by laser melting

Laser melting — or 3D metal printing — is the technology of choice to produce bars and prosthesis reinforcement meshes in a controlled and consistent way, in terms of quality. The material used for laser sintering of metals has properties identical to that used for classical melting.

The dental technician can design the customized reinforcement structures needed for the prosthesis directly in CAD. Customization means offering the patient of the clinician a combination of comfort and attention to detail that is essential to qualify the professional as a reliable employee, namely a collaborator to whom the clinician can entrust the sensitivity of the patients who have chosen him/her.

Laser Melting then replaces the melting activities that normally engage the dental technician who is preparing to make their prostheses more resistant. Avoiding the equipment necessary for melting, being able to easily and digitally modify the reinforcement before printing and saving overall time are the main advantages that 3D metal printing offers to this kind of production.

Proxera is the ideal partner to completely delegate the production of Laser Melting products starting from an .stl file. The semi-finished products obtained from the production process can count on a general quality, a surface finish and an esthetic appearance similar to melting.

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