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Dental Laser Melting

Dental milling plant

Dental laser melting: technological innovation for the dental technician

Selective Laser Melting (SLM) is an additive manufacturing technology capable of creating permanent dentures with high geometric complexity and excellent mechanical properties. Starting from metal powders and using a laser that operates following a three-dimensional design, it is possible to make objects with shapes that are difficult to achieve with other manufacturing systems.

The production systems create bridges and crowns starting directly from STL files without the need for traditional tools that have now been replaced by laser beams.

The metal powders used in the casting process guarantee, in a standardized and repeatable way, the same density, compactness and stability that would be obtained with the traditional lost wax melting technique.

Proxera® is the ideal partner for any laboratory that decides to start using innovative additive technologies, providing its own fleet of machines for the production of individual medical devices, also relying on a group of dental technicians who combine traditional knowledge with additive manufacturing skills.

Design and production of Laser Melting partial denture

Proxera also offers the digital denture DESIGN services: specialized dental technicians well versed in the latest techniques will take care of the CAD design of the denture, attending to all stages of production through to finishing.

We have invested in software and training but, above all, in the development of a repeatable process that can help the dental technician to provide the dentist with a completely digital partial denture.

Finished and polished laser melting partial denture

Using digital technologies it is possible to commence processing immediately starting from the model scan or intraoral scan.

Using the software, the undercuts are downloaded, the plate design and the position of the meshes on the saddles are selected, and the hook is drawn by choosing the type of retention to connect it to the plate.

At this point the file is ready to be 3D printed, with considerable savings in terms not only of design and production times, but also of the manual labor and materials required

Partial denture processing is particularly critical, as it is necessary to guarantee an elastic and resistant, long-lasting medical device.

As these are removable solutions, a good knowledge of techniques and technologies is essential for guaranteeing the denture an appropriate “life expectancy”..

Laser Melting Crown and Bridges

Compared to mobile prosthesis, the bridge on natural abutments and the bridge on abutments or implants guarantee comfort, quality and esthetic results, restoring the chewing function and also a very natural appearance, thanks to the absence of attachments and hooks. The prosthesis is also durable and reliable.

The morpho-functional characteristics will be appropriate to the intended use but will provide a considerable reduction in production time.

Laser melting working plate
Manual laser melting bridge finishing

Laser melting offers high precision, consistent and repeatable results of a high quality standard. The tolerances achievable with laser melting are perfectly adapted to the expected result.

Laser Melting and Implants

Compared to solid material machining, or by subtraction, the use of laser melting technology for bridges and bridges over implants and abutments is advantageous in terms of cost and manufacturing time, while ensuring the same quality.

However, it is important to note that laser melting requires rotational connections that allow implants to be passivated by creating a tension-free structure on the t-base.

In fact, laser melting, working by addition, creates layers that can generate friction and, therefore, is not suitable for making anti-rotational connections. Structures that provide for such a feature must be made from solid material.

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