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Orthodontics and 3D printing

Resin thermoforming model production system

Orthodontics literally means "straight teeth" and is a branch of dentistry specializing in the study and correction of anomalies affecting the position of the teeth, the growth of the jaw bones and the relationship between the two dental arches. The work of the orthodontist is not limited to the correct alignment of teeth but is also aimed at improving the facial aesthetics, the chewing function and, more generally, the pursuit of an optimal health status of the dental arches and their supporting tissues.

3D printing has had a major impact on the dental industry, delivering more accurate devices that are produced in less time and cost than traditional processing techniques. Orthodontics has benefited most from the digital revolution because, until a few years ago, all orthodontic treatments were performed using springs or elastics applied to the patient's mouth.

The growing demand for aesthetic orthodontic treatment to align teeth has led to the development of sequential invisibile bite made of transparent material that have less impact on patients' lives than conventional braces. Each template exerts a slight pressure on the teeth, causing a small shift until the desired result is achieved after the treatment is completed.

Model production system for polyamide

3D printed models for thermoforming

Thermoforming models can be produced using a variety of printing techniques: SLA stereolithography and PolyJet are the solutions that have prevailed for some years now and are based on the curing of a resin that is hit by a laser.

Proxera is the specialist digital processing service and we have also chosen to invest in HP Multi Jet Fusion printing technology that enables efficient thermoforming patterns to be produced in less time and at lower cost than other processing techniques. The material used by MJF is PA 12 BIOCOMPATIBLE self-supporting powder patented by the parent company that provides detailed surface resolution.

Orthodontic structure made in Laser Melting
Orthodontic wire made in Laser Melting

Orthodontics structure and orthodontics wire

Proxera® is the ideal partner for any laboratory that decides to start using innovative additive technologies, providing its own fleet of machines for the production of individual medical devices, also relying on a group of dental technicians who combine traditional knowledge with additive manufacturing skills.

Orthodontics can also benefit from the important innovations that Laser Melting has introduced to the supply chain.

After having designed the project using specialized cad software tools, the orthodontist only needs to send the project to the production center to receive it printed, finished and possibly polished starting the next day.

The orthodontic specialist can find in Proxera the partner able to realize Orthodontic Wires and Bands and Orthodontic Structures and Hooks in Laser Melting both in Cobalt Chrome and Titanium.

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